from Lurker Beats (Twitter: @beatslurker)

Reviews by @FirstBornArt and the Lurker 


1: @beatslurker will make a post asking for a 20 song submissions via EMAIL

2: EMAIL with a link to ONE song and artist's Twitter @

3: Songs will be collected in real-time until the limit is reached.

4: Multiple Reviewers (Lurker and First Born) will review 10 songs each.

5: A review will be written, giving constructive feedback and describing the listening experience.

6: Songs will be ranked 1-10 by each Reviewer, and a "song of the week" decided by the public via Twitter poll on Saturday

*You cannot submit if you submitted the previous week.  If you release new music in the time between your last submission, you are more than welcome the week after!

This contest is meant to be FUN!  Reviews will be humorous and non-malicious.  Reviewers are directed to be constructive and encouraging when giving negative feedback.  Reviewers will give their personal opinions and be objective as well, since both are valuable to the artist's understanding of how well their music is doing.  This is a chance to have your work reviewed and ranked in a mostly-random set of artists.  How will you do?  How will you use the feedback to up your game?

Schedule:    Submit on Wednesday,  11/21/18  Reviews posted Saturdays

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