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Video Reviews by First Born Art
Written Reviews by The Lurker
Playlist by Auxlanta
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by First Born Art

by Lurker Beats

TOP 4:

While Listening:
    That’s a lot of filter in the intro and I like it.  Lots of different sounds that change really fast, bass to drums to electric keyboard to flute was dope.  Transformers @ 1:13.  Love the reversed flute at 1:36.  Heavy drop.  Metal as fuck, that digital ass ride is fire.  Nu dubstep.  There are the flutes again!  Song is 4:20 in runtime and vibe. 

Real Talk:
-These are unique sounds that I have not heard before.  
-Flutes were Flucked
-Keep up the cacophony!  


While Listening:
    Chillin with that intro.  Getting real with the lyrics, I like that.  This is one of those that you just let play and sit back and listen.  A lot of the lyrics represent the underground rapper life, and with the rapping style, the MPC-or-die-boombap community will, I imagine, take a liking to it.  I had a great time listening to that, appreciate the vibes!

Real Talk:
-Thoughtful, genuine lyrics over a smooth vibey beat?  Yes sir- any day, any time.
-Go listen to this one.
-You’re pretty good at this rapping shit, so for you, it’s probably OK to dream

While Listening:
    Going hella hard just 5 seconds in!  Gotta love that cover, too!  The melody in the beat that goes up, then falls down is very nice, I like that.  Reppin’ the underground, always here for that.  Both of y’all have impeccable flow.  “That’s just FACTS, bro-” lit.  OH.  1:45 and on is next level.  I like that you took full advantage of the 2 minute track. Damn that as dope. 

Real Talk:
-Masters of flow.
-The high end in the vocals is coming out a bit scratchy for me.
-Comment says they snapped on this track, and they sure did.

While Listening:
    Damn, I love the way those samples are cut, and I’m hearing a lot of reverse sounds, anyway its fire.  The way your voice sounds fits nicely with the samples and the beat.  When the beat changes!!!!  I can connect with a lot of the lyrics, and again, vibing hella.  Your timing could be improved on a couple of the faster parts. 

Real Talk:
-We out here looking for new sounds, and GNOSIS has them.
-Turn your vocals up in the mix.  
-The beat is stuck in my head.

*not in any particular order*

While Listening:
    That’s a dope beat, let’s get it!  Razor’s rhythm and flow is top-tier.  Loving those adlibs in there, too.  Around 1:10 the way your vocals go lower and lower works for me.  There are lots of different flows, good variety.  Hard as fuck, the hook.  I might put an EQ to some of the drum sounds.  I will listen to that again.

Real Talk:
-Did you hear even one word off beat??  I didn’t.  Others take note.
-Turn the hi hats down in the mix
-Razor has the Artist/Producer game on lock.

While Listening:
    Lmao that sample.  And those talking samples!  Rocking with that first verse, transition into the second verse is epic.  Definitely having a good time with this one.  All three artists on this track killed it, getting different vibes from everyone, but it’s really working together well.  I’m probably not surprising anyone when I say this has been sampled, but everyone adds their own sauce to the mix, and 808Jedi delivered.

Real Talk:
-I’m having a good time listening to it, sounds like y’all had a good time making it.
-This works great as a 2 feature single.
-Love that ending.  WAKE UP!

While Listening:
    Sounds like I’m in the early 2010’s again.  The sound aesthetic is on point; deep kicks, deep voice, warm melody.   Yon has command of his cadence; melodic when he needs it, mumbly when he wants it, tight when he wants it.  Killing the 2 ½ minute song game, get in, get it, get out!

Real Talk:
-This would slay at a live show.
-I must express my distaste for clean piano sounds.  
-I expect that Yon world will continue to make more bangers.

While Listening:
    Great synth, great bells, a high pitched vocal sample, I’m with it so far.  Now THAT is how you want your autotune to sound.  Mostly your timing is great, but some parts are off (the  couple lines after 0:46).  With the vocals being produced so damn good, I definitely want to hear everything be extra tight on the rhythm.  There’s a lot going on with the echo/reverb and the vocals, and it all comes together for that big big sound.

Real Talk:
-Whatever was done to your vocals here is what you should always do.
-Imma mention the vocal sound again, so you know I’m serious.  It’s that good.
-Work on your timing a bit, then try to take Travis’ place as autotune gawd.

While Listening:
    I’m really liking the more conscious lyrics over those vocal ‘oohs’, great vibe there.  You got that ‘not really on beat but it still works’ game worked out nicely, that’s hard to do.  “5th wheel of the apocalypse” dope.  Levi Vega with the 2nd half, killed that forsure.  That verse about hibernating in the garden was fire.  Another damn good 2 minute song.

Real Talk:
-Come for the vibes, stay for the lyrics.
-While I love the ‘ooh’ sounds, I’m pretty sure they could be turned down to give the kicks more space in the mix.
-Carter and Levi should do another track!

While Listening:
    SOUND THE ALARM!!  This song is hype.  I love how loud the vocals are, they really cut through the mix nicely.  Especially when the drums aren’t there, your timing could be more accurate.  I think I heard a beat tag.  I like the delay effects a lot.  That feature at the end is the shit!!  Dirty ass sound on those vocals, I love it.  

Real Talk:
-This track goes hard, it’s a banger.
-Work on your timing, I want to hear you land right on those kicks.
-I like the loud mastering, but it needs more low end and a lot less high end. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was a great week of music, and as I see it, there are 20 artists in here you should look out for in the future!!

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