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Remember: Rankings are based on the reviewer's experience and opinion, and the submissions are essentially a random set of songs.

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1.Alphabyte & SporatiK - Zones


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Ambient melody with some knocking percussion that isnt over the top.Both artist come in spitting some real introspective and social commentary based lyrics with some trancing flows.Stand out lyrics which keep me listening as the song progresses.  
Real Talk:
  • Vocal mix contrast between between both artists could be improved.
  • The lyrics and flow are there but could of been executed better.
  • The fast flow towards the end could of been switched.
  • Keep working on vocal mixing
  • Although the beat is dope a better one could of been picked to compliment the flows.
  • Wouldn’t replay

2. Oloye Coleman - Behind Closed Doors


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Nice use of the instruments in the beat gives of a sunny island vibe with the piano and sparkly bells.I like how you made the beat yourself shows you really take your craft serious and know how you want your sound to be.Oloye comes in with his empathic lyrics staying on topic of “You never know what other people are going though” and appreciating your life instead of falling for the facade people put up for social media praising materialism.Man those bells are a nice touch. The “AHA” adlibs adds a bit of comedic flare to balance out the serious message for the song which i appreciate.The hook and verse transition with the self produced gives me another DIY/Charles Hamilton vibe which is dope.

Real Talk:
  • Beat could of been mixed better
  • Get better with your english so your flow can be more polished
  • Wouldn't replay

3.Clutch 1 - That’s Him


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Beat is rocking has a Alchemist and Roc Marciano vibe.Clutch 1 has a nice flow.Love how the hook comes in with its distinction from the verse and it is very catchy.Has a few standout and memorable lyrics that fit the vibe of the beat.
Real Talk:
  • Nice vocal mix wit the chopping and delays.
  • Spit more of that game and first person bars you was talking instead of metaphors.
  • Vocal Inflection could of been calmer.
  • Wouldn't replay.

4.Wavy Banx - Other Shxt


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Beat is knocking with a tight flow good for performances.Hypotonic flow switch within the verse.Catch ass hook that goes with the groove of the beat.Love the Rick and Morty style cover art.
Real Talk:
  • Solid vocal mix could of used a bit more delays or reverb and EQ though.
  • Hook and verse adlibs could of use more effort.
  • Autotune could of been tuned a bit better.
  • Wish the fast flow in the verse would of lasted longer.
  • Wouldn't replay.

5. Snoozie Adams & Wavy Savage ++  - Anime Luv 2

@snoozieadams x @wavysavagexo

Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Melody of the is very quirky and glitchy which i like kinda of reminds me of the “Moonlight” by XXXTENTACION .Beat comes in knocking with the hook .Is that some type of accent i hear ? i like it! Love the hook its catch and has a dope melody.Wavy Savage++ comes in with a Ecco2k type of vibe i can't make out a good amount of his lyrics but his flow is on point at one point this falls off some parts.
Real Talk:
  • Snoozie’s Vocals could use a De-esser.
  • Vocal mix contrast between the two artists does not match Wavy should turn his vocals up.
  • Wish there would some vocals at the beginning before the beat dropped instead of.
  • The GothBoiClique,Bladee,Ecco2k influence is a little bit too apparent.
  • Each of the artist flows could be more polished.
  • The last hook is a tad off beat.
  • Wouldn't replay.

6. Sorry X & Sloppy Oxy Scum - Light It Up

@sorryXmusic @Sloppy_Oxy_Scum

Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Sorry X comes in with a catchy hook which a nice touch of reverb and autotune.The background vocals on the second hook are a nice touch and fill out the track.Lyrics from both artists are very descriptive and memorable.

Real Talk:
  • The tone of the beat doesn't fit the lyrics
  • Work on vocal mixing
  • Vocal mix contrast doesn’t match between the two artists
  • Sorry X background vocals could of been turned up
  • Sloppy Oxy Scum vocals need to be De-essed
  • The GOTHBOICLIQUE influence is a little bit to apparent
  • Wouldn’t replay

7. B-L1FE - Right Now


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Nice groovy and ethereal beat with well placed instruments.Catchy hook “Awww heellll real recognize real” with a nice switch up and distinction from the verse and hook.A few stand out lyrics in the verse.Love the slight delays and the vocal effect.
Real Talk:
  • The vocal effect does not cover up the fact it was recorded with a low quality or webcam mic.
  • The hook could of used some background vocals in a different inflection during the “Aww heellll real recognize real” to add more feeling.
  • Keep working on your vocal mixing.
  • Wouldn't replay.
  • Add more vocal inflection.
  • Flow needs to be more polished.

8. Big Mius & Daddy Zasso - Forever Love


Logitech z213 Speaker Review

While Listening: Knocking beat with a nice piano in the background that goes with the subject of the song.Love how the artist stay on topic.The two artists getting on the hook at the end was a nice touch to end the song off.Both artists have memorable and entertaining lyrics within the verses.

Real Talk:
  • The producer tag king of gets in the way.
  • Vocals need better mixing.
  • The NBA Youngboy - Location flow and adlibs is not original.
  • The two artist have a good chemistry.
  • The vocal mix contrast between the two artist doesn't match.
  • Wouldn't replay.


ROUND 2 (no embed code, but click there to listen)

REVIEWS BY THE LURKER (no link, you're already on my website)


Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   “You too/You over there” love it!  Fun sample, giving us a verse that sort of builds up.  Where’s the bass?  “If you can’t catch a vibe on that...” love how that was delivered.  There’s the bass!!  The sample keeps repeating, really allowing the vocals to be the star of the show.  Big change in the sound here.  “Fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fuck you” that was too damn smooth!  Second half of the song improved my mood significantly.   

Real Talk:
-All the separate parts of this song came together beautifully; Mike is even talking back to his samples!
-I was hoping the bass would be louder; the sample overpowered the other instruments
-Proper hip hop track in all aspects.  No bullshit.
-All you newer rappers/MCs: Did you hear that flow?  Those lyrics?  Consider getting a thesaurus and a metronome.

‪Twitter: @1800orangegang

Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Ok, so there’s spongebob audio and some heavy bass slowly fading in, I’m in for some shit, aren’t I?  “WHAT WHAT WHAT” oh yes that’s what I was waiting for.   Ok wow not a single second is wasted and not a single word is wasted.  There is a massive block of lyrics that somehow only takes up 80 seconds.  This is not for the faint of heart; chock full of some heinous references, sexual and otherwise.  The ending is absolute fire. 

Real Talk:
-The mastering is so loud I’m losing a lot of sounds in the mix.  It does fit the sound aesthetic of the song, though.
-This song is at the top of it’s field (genre).  The work was put in.
-Issa whole experience



Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Beat is nice and wavy, sort of detuned synthesizers there. Nice and melodic with the autotune.  “Now there’s nobody left” with those kicks was dope.  I like that filtered bridge a lot.  Lots of tape-stop effects, always dope.  Back to chorus, it’s decently catchy, I could probably catch the lyrics after a few listens.  I like the variety in the song structure, except that you rapped over the whole track almost nonstop.

Real Talk:
-Take some breaks from rapping, consider letting the beat go on its own sometimes.
-Mixed and mastered as loud as possible without being too loud.  A+
-This is a hard-hitting depressed rap song
-Don’t sleep on the PNW!


Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   10 seconds in and I’m getting a lot of interesting sounds.  Creepy vocal samples, with some droning non-western strings.  I like the screaming in there, and the snare-snare-Kick-snare is choice.  I’m hearing some rapping, though it’s very quiet.  Creates a spooky/ominous atmosphere that fits well with the instruments.  The sound aesthetic is fresh; overall a whole new vibe for me and I’m into it.

Real Talk:
-I very much appreciate the new sounds offered in this track.
-The vocals were too quiet to hear, unsure if that was the intention.
-Keep creating, innovating.  I can see you have that ability.

@iluvxans,@nosferatujay @terrorize12

Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Sampled organ sounds yes please.  Starts off with a chorus ft. the title of the song.  Maybe it’s too on the nose, but this would be a dope song to drive to.  0:51 they way you say ‘bands’ is fire.  First verse vocals are xanned out; kinda slurring some words.  Great effect.  Gotta mention these kicks, they hit the right way.  I like that the 2nd verse gave us a new style of vocals with some fast flows to contrast the slower ones in the first.  Solid 2.5 minute song!

Real Talk:
-The vocal cadence(s) matched the style of the beat, nice sound aesthetic.
-Flow/rhythm could be tighter, especially on the fast flows
-The track overall had a vibe that I could connect with
Twitter: @MercurySalad

Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Unusual for review games, but here we have some “not rap” music!  That kick sounds great, appreciate the real instruments.  I like that choppy chord progression a lot too; tastefully exploring notes outside the main key.  Her voice I will describe as ‘vintage’. Thank you for the stereo percussion!  50 points for harmonica!  Back to more singing again, another harmonica solo, and we out.  Overall, I’m sure this is fun to play live!

Real Talk:
-Lovely instrumentation; very refreshing to hear someone play the harmonica as well
-Rhythm is some places could be a bit tighter, some of the percussion gets lost on me
-I can’t decide on a genre and would have difficulty describing hat kind of music it is.
-Make a live album!!!!!!



Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Cool cell phone sound in the intro there.  Quiet and subtle vocals, just vibing with the beat.  I’m always down for some lowkey depressing lyrics!  Verses fade in and out of the hook nicely, ‘lovey dovey’ is said a lot, but I am not necessarily tired of it.  I definitely want to hear the vocals more.  Fade out until the end of the beat. 

Real Talk:
-I definitely dig the vibe, the vocals are smooth and work with the rhythm well
-I’m gonna guess the issue with the vocal volume is due to that the beat was mastered, and the vocals were not.  
-Overall a nice song to listen to


Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   Migos type beat?  Maybe?  The lyrics come in with a hook sort of section.  Provides a lot of setting, lowkey tells a story which I like; keeps me interested in the song.  That triplet flow was like 85% perfect, dope though.  Fast rapping bridge, then another chorus and then another verse and that’s it.  Overall, not the most interesting track to me, personally, but not bad.

Real Talk:
-It’s about parties, AND it could play at a party.  
-Mastering is too loud on the high end; S sounds and the hihats are killing me here.
-I can see potential in your flow; get that metronome out and work your way up to 300bpm!!


Vintage Speaker Review

While Listening:
   That beat is very current, very “now”.  Vocals come in, and I’m thinking maybe you could do more with your cadence or something to spice up your vocal sound.  Autotune could be less subtle.  The chorus ‘smoke a blizzy to the face…’ has a nice melody, catchy, I’m feelin it.  Overall it was a well written song and did the 2-minute song structure proper.

Real Talk:
-Vocals need spice.  Up to you what kind.
-This track was very melodic and made proper use of the autotune
-The mix and mastering is nice and clean.

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