Lurker's Reviews : 11/05/18

REVIEWS.  11/05/2018

Reviews by The Lurker


1- @BL1FEReborn

2 - @Callinfrompluto


4 - @ZettabyteMusic

5 - @snkydookie

1- B-L1FE - Laying Low prod. Erock Beats

Vintage Studio Monitor review

While Listening:
    Nice piano intro before the beat drops with some hella cinematic strings.  I can say that I was hooked by the hook, love the vocal effects.  What follows are a few different flows, really showing off B-L1FE’s bars here.  Great rhythm with the vocals overall, gotta give it up for that.  Lyrically, this song lets motherfuckers know that if they laying low, B-L1FE is still keeping up on them.  He calls out haters before the hook drops at the end, dope buildup to that.  I imagine listening to this track driving around in the dark looking for some bud, the bass bumping in the car.  

Real Talk:
-Props to B-L1FE on his exceptional rhythm/flow.  A lot of newer artists today find it difficult to stay tight with the beat, but not B!  
-This is definitely a track you can sing along to.  
-The sound aesthetic is fresh, specifically the out-of-tune vocals in the hook.

Plt0 - Starboii
Vintage Studio Monitor review

While Listening:
    Tasty ass flute intro, lots of interesting sounds.  Vocals come in, and I found out that Plt0 + autotune = FIRE.  When he says ‘shining’, there’s a string sound that comes in right after and the combination of those is very pleasing.  I like the ad libs with effects a lot, keeping it fresh and interesting with the soundscape.  ‘Ride me like a stallion’ and other choice sexual references in here.  Overall the track has a bright, spacy, trippy sound that I am really connecting with.  Short track, sub-2 minutes, banging for every second of it. This song is hella ear-catching.  

Real Talk:
-Great autotune work, the vocals have a BIG sound.
-Proper 2 minute song.  Ya get in, give it to ‘em, and get out!  Very OG punk.
-Rhythm/flow are not bad, but can certainly be improved upon.  There’s some room to get tighter.
-The high end of the final mix is a bit loud, specifically the hihats and when the vocals get higher

BLACK C.A.S.H. - Quick Cook Up (Boss Life Music x Royal Family)

Vintage Studio Monitor review

While Listening:
    OK!  Pause at 0:30 to take a breath cuz it’s already so lit.  Some soulful vocal samples, love it.  Black C.A.S.H. is hard as fuck.  Woke as fuck.  Lyrically gifted as fuck.  Imma let that verse speak for itself.  Voice really fills up the whole room.  Those kicks hit hard in my speakers.  ‘This-that-quick-cook-up’ hell yeah.  Sc King Jerrell on the 2nd verse- very classic cadence and flow, smooth all around.  Did the east coast proper.  Hard but smooth overall.  Joe Grizzlie on the 3rd verse- hella interesting flow and cadence, the ord I will use is wild.  ‘Show up in yo city shut it down forreal!’

Real Talk:
-Listening to ‘Quick Cookup’ is a damn good time and I highly recommend it.
-The overall sound is exceptionally cohesive and sharp; straight up east coast rap no bullshit.
-Grizzlie’s vocals could have been louder or more present.  Refer to Black CASH’s vocal sound.
-Make more tracks together.  Seriously. ‘Quick Cook Up’ is the sauce.  

Zettabyte - Talkin' Facts (feat. Alphabyte) [Prod. Taylor King]

Vintage Studio Monitor review

While Listening:
    Hella unique vocal cadence.  I like those fast flows, that really works for your voice.  The beat has some good low end sounds in there.  2nd verse- I like that angry, sort of elastic sound the vocals have.  Rhyme game on point.  Oh hey, the beat changes, it slows down with some bells and we get some spoken words that transition into another fast flow.  I liked that movement a lot there.  Overall, the track had a unique sound.

Real Talk:
-Lyrically, it’s on point.  Sounds like you’re really pushing your abilities and I like that.
-As far as the Production, there is room for improvement.  Needs more effects, maybe some ad-libs.  Needs ‘spice’.
-As far as your vocals, (1st / Last verse) you sound dope when you rap fast, but your cadence when you slow down needs some work.  Keep exploring. 2nd verse - loved it.

MAHDI (>^.^)>* x Dookie - mad at life pt 2 (prod. sunny)
Vintage Studio Monitor review

While Listening:
    Vibrato piano I love it.  Okay this is dirty and grimey.  2 vocalists together giving me sum vibes!!  1st verse, Madhi- I love the laid back vocals; they are way more than laid back.  Lazy ass vocals haha.  Humorous, very humorous.  Sound aesthetic overall is on some brand new shit and I’m Lovin It ™.   2nd verse, Dookie- Self deprecating humor?  Fuck yeah.  Somehow, Dookie has even lazier-ass vocals.  ‘So saaaalty!’ ooh yeah.  This is some lo brow shit and I mean that in the highest regard.  Honestly just listen to this song words cannot do it justice.  

Real Talk:
-This is a new art form.
-I wanna hear you talk over each other more; gave me the chills in the beginning part.
-Is this a good song?  I don’t know. 
-Do I fucking love it?  Yes.

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