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REVIEW GAMES #3 submissions received 12/5/18




Revews?  Feedback?  Personal Opinion?  Love?
It's all here.
Remember: Rankings are based on the reviewer's experience and opinion, and the submissions are essentially a random set of songs. 




1- Nova Lopes - Chillin' (Down Ass Gz)

    The volume cut in the intro is fire.  Nova is smooth as hell; lots of variation in the phrasing and flow and exceptional use of cadence.  I just let this track play; I was vibin with it, made me feel calm and thoughtful.  I had a wonderful listening experience and would definitely come back for more.

Real Talk:
-Nova had a vision that was executed perfectly.
-Felt like I was listening to a song from a couple decades ago
-Nova Lopes should never stop making music.

2 MUUMIS - Mitosis v3


     Intro was interesting, lots of different sounds.  Definitely getting a creepy/horror/metal vibe.  Comes in with some screaming vocals, gets lit for a second there!  That reverb hook is straight fire.  I like the bridge with the talking vocals over it, and the drop into that hook is pretty hard.  the end of the hook when he says "MITOSIS!" really sticks with me.

Real Talk:
-The high end is sort of thin, low end is nice and thick
-This is a new kind of heavy; getting some 2000s-on metal vibes

3 Asad Ill - Fuck a Portion

     0:00-0:24 damn I'm hooked, let's go!!!  Love his voice; hella interesting and he used it effectively.  Loving all these near-rhymes (switches/trenches).  That hook is some anthem shit.  I like the variety of flows going on, making that beat work FOR you.  Great video too, using the sky as a green screen is OG and I love it.  Track is fire.

Real Talk: 

- This song is fire and radio ready; at 309 views this is slept on 

- I imagine a lot of people can connect with the lyrics 

- The off-beat flows and near-rhymes add a lot of spice to this mix. Exceptional work.

4 Fuego Gang - Been Thru


     Intro has some 'silly bells' and a gunshot before the beat starts and I'm lit for it.  The background vocals on that hook are epic.  This is mastered hella loud, though it works with the style.  I like the variation in the flows and the different movements in the song.  The volume swells at certain points on the vocals in the hook and the effect is creates is something I haven't heard before.  Sound aesthetic wise, this is very cohesive and matches the Internet Warrior project name. 

Real Talk:
- Lots of unique production moves, especially those vocal swells and the overmastering.
- Vocals could be recorded cleaner; I'm hearing a lot of clicks
- Song is definitely Fuego


     I'm into those non-western instruments.  Homie has a lot to say, a lot to Let 'em Know about!!!  Vocals are super hard, cadence is on point.  Lots of different flows, keeping it interesting.  Name drops Picasso.  Black C.A.S.H. is still going!  South Carolina's finest!!

Real Talk: 

- Homie did it again; came through with a fire track.

- Straight up, no bullshit rap.  

- South Carolina should be proud!



     The intro/buildup is epic, up until 0:38.  To compare this to the last track I heard from TRK, homie really stepped his game up.  The vocals are sort of thin.  "but I done had it!"  litty.  Handling the changes in the beat hella well.  I'm getting a nice introduction to TRK.  References the writing process, I like that it works.  One hell of a speech forsure.  

Real Talk:
-Damn TRK!!!  It's a new era for you, definitely nailed it with this track
-Did you legit get a parakeet?  I got a cat for the same reason!  Anyway, I connect with the lyrical themes.
-The vocals could be more present in the mix.

7 Thea - The Touch

Definitely not hip/hop or rap lmao. Great vocal intro. I think I hear a melodica and a good use of it at that. The vocals are super unique, lots of changes in her voice and a wide range of registers and phrasing. I just let this one play; I had a wonderful time. I'm just chillin here listening to Thea and it is great. Highly recommended.

Real Talk:

- No question, I had a wonderful listening experience

- This would slay if played live.  

- Any producers want to sample some of that?  


     Nice ambient intro, lowkey 90s sounds.  Beat comes in and it gets lit!  Loving that hook.  I'm hearing lots of different flows that all work.  Excellent timing/rhythm, forreal.  Definitely stands out on a platform like soundcloud. Overall I'm vibing with the sound and the lyrics.  

Real Talk:
-Proper 2 minute song.  Get it, and get out.
-Personally, I connect with the lyrical themes and that hook really sticks with me.
-Keep creating, this has a unique and interesting sound and I'd come back for more


     I liked the intro, but I was wondering where the bass was.  At 0:41 I found it and I am now completely satisfied.  Sound goes along with the cover art.  The vocals fit the beat well, the overall sound really works.  Handling the changes in the beat well.  Nice short song, letting the beat ride for a lot of the runtime, but the vocals come in hot.

Real Talk:
- is "pimping bitches in the graveyard" funny?  Yes.  Is it authentic?  Probably not.
- I like the choice to split the track 50% instrumental 50% vocals.
- The sound aesthetic is cohesive, from beat to vocals to cover art.


     Intro = chillin'.  Undeniably dope hook.  At first, I thought the autotune was off in the verses, but it works for me.  I'm having a nice time listening to this, definitely would listen to this in a coupe if I had one.  "like ay, ay" forreal, it's great.  Overall solid track, good vibes.

Real Talk:
-the subject matter of the lyrics was limited to the coupe, sex, and drugs
-The two artists worked well together
-This track is marketable to the non-music-making market.

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