Week 7
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Video Reviews by First Born Art

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Written Reviews by The Lurker


While Listening:
    Practice Sunday by Keisha Moguel - That intro is sort of ominous, I don’t know what to expect.  OH WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT. The vocals very very slowly get louder and more present and they are just dirty and nasty and the lyrics are too.  Is this even a beat?  Is this even a song?  How the fuck was this produced?  It’s like a live recording of someone tapping on a goddamn table, then someone put some filter sweeps and other synths over it, and then THOSE VOCALS.  

This song is transcendent.  Next level.  I have never heard anything even remotely like this, and I’m impressed beyond belief at the originality and fine qualities of this song.  

Real Talk:


While Listening:
    “Physical” by Ane.  I love that intro; very moody and great vocal work.  Ane has a beautiful voice, and it doesn’t need a lot of effects on it, but the light reverb and harmonies add a lot to the sound here.  Damn, there’s like 4 of you singing at the same time - love that sound.  I’m finding that I lose the rhythm of the track at a few points.  Classic R&B shit, from the vocal production to the massive amount of sexual references.  The bass the comes in towards the end hits hard.  Love that outro - hell yeah.  

Real Talk:
-This song hits all the marks of quality, modern R&B and showcases Ane’s abilities and character.  
-The rhythm seemed off in the first half of the song.  There were some snares I wanted you to sync with. 
-High standards and hard work pays off, kids.


While Listening:
    N.G.S. - Time - That intro has some dirty sounds.  Those vocals are on some new shit.  Very spacy, they fill up the room, and the melody is wack but in a good way.  Lots decimators/bit reduction going on in the beat.  Those kicks still hit though!  The guitar swell!  The pitched down vocals!!!!  Hell yeah NGS.  Damn, this is really great autotune work.  Getting trappy as fuck towards the end, and that choir with it…

Real Talk:
-Great use of nonwestern scales in the beat and the vocal melodies.  
-Dark trap psychedelic chopped+screwed (?) - whatever it is, it’s definitely some New Gen Shit
-We out here looking for new sounds and WE FOUND THEM!


While Listening:
    Change of Plan by SJ Smith - Funky bass and some vocal samples in the intro, I’m liking all that.  I love that flow.  The lines are written such that there are a different amount of syllables in every line, and the way that it all comes together is remarkable.  Quality conscious rap, if you’ve been follow review games, you know I love that shit.  “Stop the violence!” [silence] = dope.  Very enjoyable 2.5 minutes for me.

Real Talk:
-Very impressed with the lyrics and the flow on this one.
-I would EQ out some of the high end in your vocals, warm it up a bit.  
-All around great song, would listen again and again.  


While Listening:
    Blazel - Lit Man ( No1)ft. No1, Intro “I don’t really trust no one” hell yeah let’s get it!  I like that flute sound a lot, and the kicks are hitting.  I’m getting some Migos vibes but like darker.  Great adlib work.  “BIG BLUNTS” fuck yeah those vocals have a massive sound.  Just go listen to this one!!!  Great trap shit, hard as fuck.

Real Talk:
-Line delivery game on 120% like damnnnnn
-Some of the different sections have the vocals mixed differently
-It’s fire, go listen.

While Listening:
    6lizz - New Yitty (Full Song) produced 6y A-Major -  This track goes pretty damn hard.  The mix is, odd, I’m not sure what’s up with it, but the mid frequencies are way loud.  6lizz getting hella authentic with these lyrics.  I always like a pitched-down hook!  Great energy on the whole track, a 5 minute epic up in here.

Real Talk:
-I wish this was recorded/mixed with better quality, the song is so damn good otherwise.
-6lizz went extra hard for this one, much appreciated.  
-I look forward to hearing more from 6lizz in the future.

While Listening:
    Fat Mac - Dank (prod. WORTHY) - Loving those sounds in the intro!  Oh wow those vocals are fucked up in the right way.  Clean vocal track, reverb on the adlibs, good choice here.  Loving these lyrics, I get to hear about your experiences in a way that feels real.  Wonderful production moves after the hooks, there’s a cough and some words I can hardly hear.  OH SHIT I THINK HEAR AN ACCORDION.  +10 points for using something I think is an accordion. 

Real Talk:
-The vocals fit the beat perfectly ; good sound choices
-When the drums drop out I feel like you get off-beat
-I really love that hook.  

While Listening:
    Kothedon - fastmoneymovingslow - Simple piano beat, when the strings are added thats dope.  Uptempo rapping, lot of emphasis on the rhymes with the adlibs, definitely works.  Homie is rapping pretty fast throughout this track.  I want more bass and kick in the mix forsure.  Really picks up after 1:30, dope.  Another hook, then we’re out. 

Real Talk:
-Good flow, line delivery, solid track
-I must express my distaste for piano beats
-The variation in flows in the different parts of the song works really well for me.

While Listening:
    OK so Sabelo gave us a Airbit page, and I chose Travis Scott x Quavo x Swae Lee Type Beat.  The intro is quiet, and the drop into the beat is heavy.  I like the overmastering, the hihats aren’t too much, and it brings out those orchestra hits with the bass.  It’s a nice and heavy loop beat.  Whoah!  There’s a this delay added to the strings and it gets even louder and DAMN. 

Real Talk:
-Solid beat for Airbit, heavy loop beat, versatile type beat.
-A little more finesse is needed with those volume changes.  
-Personally, I’m not one for type beats or loop beats

While Listening:
    Sippin CIROC - Trap hihats and some soft dreamy piano.  Great cadence and line delivery, could be slightly more on time.  Skrrt!  Smart use of adlibs, especially with the echoes.  I like the variety of flows.  That’s is a great trap hook.  The high end in the vocals is a bit loud, I’d warm that up a bit.  Same with the beat.  I like that bridge, back into that hook, then we get an outro. 

Real Talk:
-Solid track, the hook hits nice and heard and the verses have a variety of flows and sounds.
-I need more bass, more kicks, less hihats and ‘sss’ sounds in the mix.
-Keep grinding!

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