Week 6

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Terrorize 12 / iLuvXans
Tone Rucker

Video Reviews by First Born Art
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Reviews by the Lurker

While Listening:
    Coldman is really hyping up that intro!  So glad to have you back on, your voice is the best!  The beat is relatively chill besides the hihats and the kicks, and when the synth and the bells come in, its lit.  That autotune chorus!!!  Yes!  The lyrics are full of hope, believing in the future, it carries a great energy.  The “You don’t know!’ in the chorus is slowly growing on me.  Switching up the flow yet again.  BE NICE TO EVERYBODY THAT YA MEET

Real Talk:
-No one sound slike Oloye Coldman.  
-You’re doing everything right; wait for the others to catch up and notice
-This song got me in a very positive mood.

While Listening:
    Very slow buildup for the intro.  I like the bending guitar notes and the drop into the vocals.  Damn, I’m really feeling that flow.  Fast and tight with the rhythm.  The reverb on the vocals really works here. The variation between each line is a sign of some good conscious rap.  I like that you’re leaving open spaces where the beat plays by itself for a few seconds.  Wavy bridge.  Back into that hook, then a nice melodic outro.

Real Talk:
-Between the lyrics and the flow, Lapowski shows off his skill.
-A little autotune never hurt anybody
-Go listen to this one!

While Listening:
    I’m loving the soft sounding beat.  Fell into a vibe with this one.  The lyrics are very wordy but it’s working.  Hella creative lyrically.  So many dicks! Easy riding with the flow.  Nice simple hook, “-bad motherfucker/-mad man” has a great ring to it.  I hear you trying out a lot of different flows and styles and I’m into it.

Real Talk:
-I feel it needs another sound besides the voice and the beat.
-Dope beat, humorous, interesting lyrics, I had a great time.
-Glad to have been introduced to Da Muffin Mayng

While Listening:
    YES.  I cannot find the groove in the first 15 second there, but that is how I like it!  The arpeggiator synth over those chords before the drop.  Some tasteful trap hats in there!  Very smooth, this track.  If you’re gonna make an instrumental, you gotta make it extra interesting; this delivered.  

Real Talk:
-A+ 100% 4.0 GPA for your conservative hihat volumes.
-The bells and the woodblock, however, hit way too hard.  Leave room for the bass/kicks.
-The Lurker is out here looking for new sounds; WE FOUND THEM.

Reviews, continued

While Listening:
    This dude has incredible control over his cadence.  That hook is dope.  The melodic elements add a lot of depth to the sound.  Making this beat work for him, tight flow.  That second feature sounds different, probably from how they were recorded.  This tracks bangs, absolutely.  The kicks and bass hit nicely. 

Real Talk:
-Your cadence and use of melodies is the sauce.
-The feature was sort of noisy on the recording, maybe use a noise gate and/or a low pass filter.
-Hardest kicks I’ve heard all night.

While Listening:
    The sample and then the cough, love it.  Rapping without drums for a while on here, sort of refreshing.  The sound is very anthemic.  Almost like a very long speech.  Lyrics are very conscious and touch on social issues, motivation, and give us a great introduction to the Gas Bro’s.  Very nice sound all around, getting good vibes.  

Real Talk:
-Is this 2020 Shit?  Absolutely.
-A lot ‘P’ sounds and other hard consonants are causing popping sounds in the recording.
-Please rap over more beats without drums.  

While Listening:
    I think this is our first cover song in Review Games!  Piano vocal cover with original lyrics.  The idea is nice; it being a sort of tribute.  We are going straight to the next section, though.

Real Talk:
-Due mainly to the choice of cover song and the subject matter*, I would not listen to this again
-My overall advice to you is to keep exploring what kind of sound works best for you.
-An acoustic piano song usually calls for expert level singing and playing ability.

*XXXtentacion, though many look up to him as an advocate for mental health issues, was a serial abuser who committed multiple acts of hateful violence towards women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.  The Lurker would be doing a disservice to those communities not to mention this. 

While Listening:
    Trap flutes!  Let’s get it!  I’m liking the lazy sort of line delivery.  The adlibs sound great on this, they’re low and breathy, it’s great.  Damn that’s some fast rapping, and you didn’t lose the rhythm when the beat cut out.  “I don’t fuck with the rose” haha.  Back to the hook and then an outro.  Shorty but a goodie.

Real Talk:
-Solid 2 minute trap song.  Goes hard, lyrics rife with drug references, it all works.
-I’d like to hear more that I can identify as iLuvXans specifically.  Push your creativity.
-Those fast flows were impressive.  Keep that up!

While Listening:
    We have those 4-note melodies in the intro.  BANKROLL! ; you’re gonna get me every time with that -5 semitone vocal layer.  We had some fast, tight flows that drop right into some reverb and autotune.  I like how you ride the line between rapping and yelling.  That 2 part hook is really great.  This track has a great sound and StarkillillerTMMYX worked that beat.

Real Talk:
-The choice of effects and flows was smart.  
-The lyrics could have interested me a bit more; we hear about money, hoes, etc. a lot on here.
-TMMYX is hella versatile.  

While Listening:
    The intro is very warm and wavy, loving the rain sounds in there.  The song definitely goes hard, great energy from the vocalist.  The higher frequencies in the vocals are fairly loud.  Try to get your syllables to match with the kicks/snare; I think you missed a couple opportunities there.  Goes to an instrumental section again, then back to some equally intense vocals.  Damn he really speeds up towards the end!   “You switch sides like Anakin”  dope ending. 

Real Talk:
-Solid 2 minute track, get in, go hard, get out!
-The mix definitely needs to be warmed up.  Hi hats and vocals, namely
-Keep it up; I wanna see where you go.

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