Contrast Distortion Plugin Bundle

Lurker Beats has released two new distortion plugins: 
Contrast Distortion Mega and Contrast Distortion Mini.  

These new distortion effect plugins are loud, crunchy, and angry.  No clean sounds here!  Both the Mini and Mega plugins use the same algorithm for the "Contrast" parameter, similar to a bit reducer/decimator.  These plugins are optimized for use with automation controls.

Contrast Distortion Mega features:
-Distortion with "Contrast" control
-In/Out volume 
-Several filter options
-X/Y EQ control
-Post-distortion and Output peak meters

Contrast Distortion Mini features:
-Distortion with "Contrast" control
-In/Out volume 
-4-pole Low Pass Filter

Both plugins are available in 64bit (WIN) VST3 and (MAC) AU format.

Please note that presets are not supported for this plugin.

(Win 64bit VST3 + MAC 64bit AU)

(for those looking for .dll format)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how to install it on my macbook...
And my DAW does not support vst3.
But in the VST2 folder, there is just a .dll....